“English Today, English Forever”

On March 15, 2022, Mikhail Alyoshin, a student of the CA 219A group (Tamara Yurievna Medvedeva – a teacher) took part in the regional quiz contest “English Today, English Forever” for students of non-linguistic specialties. The competition was held within the framework of the work of the RMA of foreign language teachers and the week of trilingual education in online format on the Zoom platform.

34 students took part in the competition.

The competition consisted of three rounds: in the first, participants answered questions on English culture, in the second, they competed for knowledge of vocabulary and grammar of the English language on the platform quizizz.com . In the third round, students demonstrated videos on the topic “Benefits of learning English” as homework.

The jury particularly noted the video presented by a student of the Temirtau Higher Medical College.

We express our great gratitude to all those who actively participated in its creation:

  • Alexander Romanov (videography, editing, sound);
  • students of the group CA 219A (ideas, acting)
  • Zharkova Adriana,
  • Koltunova Karolina,
  • Fedorchuk Evgeny.