Healthy lifestyle


In accordance with the annual plan-2021, on April 7, a campaign was held at the PI “TVMK” to form a healthy lifestyle. The action was attended by second-year students in the specialty “Pharmacy” Namedneva N., Filippova Yu., and third-year students in the specialty “Nursing” Asilbekova A., Abduvalieva N., Bulavkina M., Kryazheva Yu., Musaeva N.

Health is an invaluable asset not only for each person, but for the whole society. It is the basis of good health, successful study and work.

Students held gymnastics in all college study groups, discussed the factors of positive and negative impact on human health and society; made up possible ways to a healthy lifestyle and came to the conclusion that one of the most important values ​​in life is a healthy lifestyle!!!