Regional distance Olympiad in chemistry

On November 28, 2023, as part of the work of the regional methodological association of teachers of chemistry and biology, with the coordination of the Educational and Methodological Center for Education Development of the Karaganda Region, a regional distance Olympiad in chemistry was organized at the Temirtau Higher Medical College among 1-2 year students of technical and professional organizations , post-secondary education.The purpose of the Olympiad: promotion of scientific knowledge and development of interest in scientific activities, creation of the necessary conditions for identifying gifted students, their further intellectual development, selection and preparation of students for participation in the Republican Olympiads.The organizers of the Olympiad were chemistry teachers N.V. Shcheglova. and Kuandykov D.K. 39 students from regional colleges took part in the regional Olympiad in two areas.The students’ work was carried out on the ZOOM and MOODLE platforms. The Olympiad was held in three stages.The students’ works were evaluated by the competition jury according to the criteria.Based on the results of the Olympiad, winners and prize-winners were determined.