September first

On 01.09.2022, the academic year began in a Private institution.

This event was marked by a solemn event for the groups of the new set, which was held with the participation of the administration and a team of teachers. There were poems, wishes from teachers and undergraduates. According to a long-standing tradition, on this day, a Light of knowledge is transmitted from undergraduates to students of a new set. The right to transfer the Light of knowledge was granted to a student of the specialty “Nursing”, the President of the College Parliament Junis Aknur. The right to accept the Light of Knowledge is given to the best 1st-year students Anastasia Kholod, Zhanbyrly Akniet, Valeria Salo.

For all college groups, class hours were held on the topic “Striving for knowledge, hard work and patriotism”.