World Anti–Smoking Day

May 31, 2022 – World No Tobacco Day

The slogan of World No Tobacco Day in 2022 is “Tobacco: threat to the environment”.

Tobacco not only affects the body of the smoker and people nearby, but also the environment – from cultivation, production, to the distribution and waste of tobacco smoking: deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, destruction of the earth. This is another reason to give up a bad habit. Tobacco takes 8 million lives every year. These deaths could have been prevented. On this day, everyone’s attention is drawn to the issues of smoking: what this bad habit leads to, what can be done to avoid risks to their health and to protect their children and future generations. Smoking harms people of any gender and any age, leads to dangerous, often fatal diseases. Passive smoking is also dangerous, especially for children.

In addition to smoking – illness and premature death. It is important to regularly remind both children and adults about the negative effects of tobacco.

30.05.2022 class hours on tobacco smoking prevention were held at the college