Today is the Day of the Elderly, although it is simply impossible to call our colleagues elderly.

Many will envy your energy and cheerfulness, and most young people cannot keep up with you in terms of ability to work and the ability to enjoy life. The only thing that betrays your great life experience is the eyes, because they have so much wisdom, so much understanding of everything that happens around us.

Today the students of ChU “TVMK” congratulated the college veterans on this wonderful holiday. Nobody was left without attention!

College students and staff are passionately maintaining the connection between generations. The experience and wisdom of veterans helps young people navigate our complex modern world.

Our dear veterans! We wish you many happy years, share your experience and be able to explain to young people what they do not understand, warn against mistakes and teach kindness. May great happiness and good health be your reward for always helping people and never getting tired of supporting us!